Creating a file of a specific length

This afternoon I was experimenting a bit with Filedisk. Filedisk is a tool to mount files on the filesystem as a drive. I succeeded to mount a file, but the file I created was 0 bytes long. When I tried to format the mounted file I got an error message saying the file was te small to create the filesystem. It took me a moment before realizing that the error message was correct. The file I mounted was 0 bytes long after all. I needed to create a file with some body but I could not find a application that could do that. I made my own program to do that. It is called CreateFile. You can download it here (src). You use it like this:

CreateFile filename [/Size:xxxx]

The size is entered in bytes. You can leave out the size argument. The default size is used when you do. The default size is 1024 bytes.

 P.S.: There is also a GUI version of FileDisk. It is called Filedisk Iso Mounter and you can find it here

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