This evening I tried to connect to my TFS server. But there was a problem. Why? I thought. It was working last night. Luckily I found the problem after a little while. I want to share my solution with you because when I searched the internet I found a ‘solution’ that did not work. This solution wanted me to add the TFSService account to ‘C:\Users\All Users\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\’. Maybe a solution to a problem but not mine.

But let me begin at the beginning. When connecting to my TFS server I got the following error message: TFS30059: Fatal error while initializing web service. Look at the picture below:


The error message is clear. It should be easy to solve it. I googled to see what the solution to the problem was. As I mentioned before  I found some posts to change the security settings of the RSA folder and add the TFSService account. I tried it but it did not work. I started to look for a solution on my own. I tried IIS. Maybe it was offline or maybe the Team System Server webserviceswere offline. No, that was not the case. Then I thought that the Team System databases could be the problem. So I tried to connect to my Sql Server instance. I could not connect and I got the message to look at the configuration withthe ‘Sql Server Configuration Manager’ (see the picture below). On the Service tab I saw the problem. My Sql Server instances were offline. I restarted them and all was fine. :^)