Fixing an install problem with VS.Net 2005

I have installed VS.Net 2005 Pro on a very slow laptop. Why? I need to. Anyway I tried to install sp1 on it recently. My laptop worked for one and a half day and got a heart attack. So I searched for an alternative to install sp1. And I have found it at Heath Stewart’s blog in this article on Slipstreaming Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1.

So I slipstreamed VS.Net 2005 and started to reinstall it on my laptop. Everything went well. The .Net 2.0 Framework and the document explorer installed fine but VS.Net 2005 would not reinstall. It complainted about an invalid install package. It turned out that it had to do with the installer cache. You can get more information at Heath Stewart’s blog in this article on Resolving prompts for Source and at Alex Thissen’s blog in his article about Fixing problems with VS.NET 2003, VS2005 and building MSI files. What I had to do was clear the cache. You can do that this way:

For VS.Net 2005 Pro: msiexec /fvomus {437AB8E0-FB69-4222-B280-A64F3DE22591} /l*v vs8_repair.log

For VS.Net 2005 Team System: msiexec /fvomus {1862162E-3BBC-448F-AA63-49F33152D54A} /l*v vs8_repair.log

I hope this will help you solve your problems reinstalling VS.Net 2005