Soft Software

Developing software is a joy. Thinking about puzzles. Solving them. Interacting with the users. Getting to know their problem areas. It’s great. But this is only one side. Sometimes the soft side rears its head. People can make work hell.

Why? Because when it gets to people all other factors play a role. Envy, anger, just plain old fear. All these things you cannot touch, you cannot do anything about. They exist in other people’s minds. What can you do about that? Nothing. It is the way it is.

I learned that the hard way. There was a time I was absorbed with what people and colleagues thought about me. Or at least what I thought they thought about me.  But I have learned, no I am learning, but I have some good sources that are helping me. Books, article and I. And the great thing about it is that you are helping me too. Thank you.